Sustainable Business


The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future

Larry Page, CEO, Google

The core idea of Peloton Strategy is that the wicked problems are here to stay worldwide. Products and services aiming to solve these challenges have therefore a nearly unlimited demand.

Eric Lowitt – Author, The Collaboration Economy

Practically all the concepts that emerged from our Peloton collaboration are now deployed. That's value for time and money

Jaana Korhola – Managing Director, Fazer Food Services

The meetings with Peloton were both thought-provoking and insightful.  

Richard Wright, Behavioural Science Director, Unilever

Peloton gave us a kickstart.

Tuulikki Markkula, Customer Relationship Director, Rautakesko


Peloton creates smart growth. We work with companies to turn foresight into new products, services, processes and business models. We are results driven. We walk the walk, with companies that have had enough of plain predictions and hot air.

Right now everyone is looking for new sources of growth. We see that today’s growth comes from the combination of two disruptive forces –  resource scarcity and digital technology, the most powerful megatrends of our time. The demand for natural resources and energy is bypassing their supply for first time in history. Digital services turn industry after industry upside down. These megatrends will redefine consumer market value chains in the next five years.

Peloton is a selection of services for companies entering the future today. Peloton employes ten people, is powered by think tank Demos Helsinki and has  a five year track record working with market leaders in creating new business. We also host world’s leading smart-service startup incubator Peloton Club. Join the movement!


Fazer Food Services

Fazer Food Services is  the market leader in catering in the Nordic area, with restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and brands such as Amica. The company needed a way to change the increasing concern for the environment into business. A previously difficult task was overcome with Peloton approach.

“Practically all the concepts that emerged from our Peloton collaboration are employed in our restaurants in one way or another! We learned an entirely new approach to both sustainable food and to how to make a business out of it. That is value for time and money.” Jaana Korhola, Managing Director, Fazer Food Services



Hoas is the largest student housing provider in Finland, with 10,000 new tenancy agreements are made every year. Hoas set a goal to promote communal interaction as well as more energy-efficient way of living among tenants. To achieve these ambitious goals Peloton created new processes that effectively improved the behaviour of tenants what comes to the interaction with neighbours and smart energy-use.

“Peloton made us understand our tenants and their needs better which information we took directly into our business processes. We are happy with the results and can recommend Peloton to anyone wanting to find innovative and scalable ways to improve customer behaviour.”

Heikki Valkjärvi – CEO, Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region HOAS


Rautakesko is a hardware store giant from Finland. The company wanted to sell a new thing – energy-efficiency – to their customers. In the Peloton Smart Business workshop people throughout the organization were brought together to innovate and create business cases for the new markets.

“Peloton gave us a kickstart. It really helped us to understand the scale of issues as well as our customers. As a result we created an entirely new concept for shops.”

Customer Relationship Director – Tuulikki Markkula


Unilever products have two billion users every day. The company joined Peloton to figure out how to change consumer groups behaviour to consume less natural resources by creating new business.

“The meetings I had with Peloton were both thought-provoking and insightful. They have impressive people who possess a rare mixture of environmental urgency as well as strong awareness of the needs of business.‎”

Behavioural Science Director – Richard Wright